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Websites and Platforms

We know everything about creating user-friendly, attractive and effective websites and platforms.

Mobile Applications

Application design is a separate line of work in which you need to combine simplicity, functionality and brightness.

Branding & Identity

Branding & Identity requires a particular sense of brand, style and skills to express its mood and value.


Design plays an important role when the user chooses a mobile application or website. Combination of an attractive design with a clear interface increases the probability of success of a product.

The starting point is UX design – interface drafting. We think through the sequence of user actions that will lead him to a desired result. The next step is UI design – visual component. We create an attractive interface for the user – we work with colors, fonts and graphic elements. When ordering UX/UI design, you can be sure that it will be not only visually beautiful, but also functional, convenient and converting.


What it gives to the client:

  • Reducing the percentage of rejections and/or deletions. The possibility that the conversion may be low due to an unconsidered interface is very high.
  • Modern visual design. We follow all trends in the digital world and rely on the specifics of your area. The user must remember your website from all open links.
  • Increase of visit length and view depth. This is especially true for websites and applications where there are many points of contact with the interface.


A good UX/UI is necessary to reduce user stress, increase visitor loyalty and as a result the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Logo & Brandbook

Creating a corporate identity is the most important step in the formation of the brand, which requires a lot of effort and professional approach.

The brand identity must correspond to the company’s values ​​and convey a certain message to the audience.


The main functions of corporate style:

  • brand recognition increase;
  • visual standing-out among competitors;
  • a company image creation;
  • customer loyalty increase;
  • increase in profitability;
  • effective promotion of the company.


The main components of the identity must be unique and include: color palette, fonts and logo.


Corporate color palette


Color selection plays a big role. Marketing research confirms the dependence of color conversion used in the design. Knowing the characteristics of the impact on perception helps to understand what thoughts and emotions they call for. Based on this, you can form a positive image of the company business, which should lead to increased profitability.


Fonts (typography)


Font selection in design is not just important – it is a whole art. Often it is the typography, and not the text itself, that influences the desire to buy something or place an order when visiting a website or app.

Each font has its own image, which subconsciously tells a person about a certain character / temperament / style of the brand. You can choose both existing fonts and develop a new one from scratch, which will belong to the company.


Company logo


A logo is not just a pretty picture. This is a step towards brand recognition.

We create meanings, not just draw pictures. The logo allows you to create the desired image of the brand in the eyes of consumers, increase recognition, and stand out from competitors in your area. It should read and harmonize with the overall style to enhance the impression of the company.


As a result, you will receive a guide with a description and image of corporate style elements. It should be emphasized that literally all approved combinations of colors, fonts, and logo are specified and shown. Also specific examples of their use and placement on various advertising media that the company may have (discussed separately).


Motion Design is a rapidly developing trend in the field of website, dashboards and app design. This is the creation of animated graphics, a visual design that enlivens a still image, using three main advertising channels – picture, sound and text. In other words, converting a static image into a dynamic one.


An animated website is what you need if you want to surprise the client, hook and keep their attention. Such a website impresses and is remembered for a long time.


Motion design is a great technique for landing pages that must demonstrate one product or service. In this case, it is necessary to cause surprise and admiration, to be remembered and stimulate the user to make a purchase.


What tasks it solves:

When creating a video, motion design gives information visibility and emotional coloring.

Animated objects attract and hold attention more than static images.

Motion design includes the creation of HUD-interfaces, spectacular titles, screensavers.


Motion graphics are used when the brand follows modern trends and wants to keep up with the times. Such graphics allow you to present information in the form of short judgments and improve informativeness, since a moving image attracts more attention and is better remembered. If you want to create a “wow effect”, then motion design is the best solution.

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