We are Layo team inspired by creativity
Who we are

We are a creative design studio that never stops learning. We believe that only in permanent development we can create digital solutions that will help the client’s business.

Our goal

To help businesses become a part of clients’ lives

Our values

Speed, openness, honesty, help, respect, beauty and innovation are the keys to a professional team that is ready to change the world of design.

Our view

Layo is an expert in the universe of design, changing the world for the better

Features Of Working With Us
Flexible approach

Each project is special, with its own goals, ambitions and requirements. We find an approach to everyone.

Always in touch

We respect the clients’ time and their desire to be involved in the work on the project.

Working with details

Small details can turn anything ordinary into modern and unforgettable. We know how to find them.

Working within deadlines

We know that time has a high value for every business and its efficiency.

Team launched

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Happy clients

What our clients say about us

Datum Source, Inc.
Rikover & Co.
Datum Source, Inc.
Rikover & Co.
The client was pleased with LAYO's designs. They received several positive customer feedback for their platforms' overall look, which played a huge role in helping them raise $6 million for their startup. Moreover, the client lauded the vendor's design talent, work speed, and responsiveness.
Thanks to LAYO's help, the projects have received positive comments from the end clients, satisfying their needs. So far, the client is happy with the team's responsiveness and deliverables' timely delivery. Their patience and enthusiastic approach impress the client.
Layo delivered excellent outputs, which pleased the client and made their services commendable. The team maintained excellent communication to ensure the understanding of requirements and keep everyone updated. Overall, they were professional, committed, quality, and responsible designers.
Layo delivered top-tier design work that aligned with the client's vision. They ensured a smooth workflow by working diligently and delivering on time. Their flexibility, enthusiasm, and positive attitude made them enjoyable to work with.
Creatively impacting the world around us — one good design at a time. The art of visual communication and beauty

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