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Our team consists of people who love what they do, combining their knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity in working on projects for their clients. Look at some of our work:


Company helping hardware manufacturers bring products to market faster by creating a perfectly efficient supply chain. It automates the procurement process of precision CNC machined parts by matching a component’s geometry, size, and material to suppliers with optimal equipment and skillset.

Product type


ELSIA is a cutting-edge product that leverages advanced AI and machine learning technologies to understand, interpret, and simplify complex blockchain data. Our system brings you the story behind each transaction rather than just raw data.

Product type
Website, Mobile Application and Dashboard


Designing and building NFT marketplaces for sports and entertainment organizations.

Product type
Website and Branding

Ur My Type

An app that uses personality types to match the compatible people. The personality test is used to identify the personality type of the user to find a date or friends online anywhere
in the world.

Product type
Mobile Application

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