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ELSIA is a cutting-edge product that leverages advanced AI and machine learning technologies to understand, interpret, and simplify complex blockchain data. Our system brings you the story behind each transaction rather than just raw data.


The product didn’t have a logo as well as overall design direction and style. UI/UX should be clean and clear for the users, still staying eye-catching and calling for the willingness to use the product. Client has also requested to create a pitch deck and a dashboard for the AI Q&A processes.


We made a style research to identify overall design direction for the website, suggesting dark theme, rounded forms and overall moderate and clean style. The same was done for the logo work – based on the client’s preferences we did internal investigation and suggested several versions resembling the desired look and feel.


The idea was to play with the capital letter of the product “E” and fit it into the style of the website, which had already been defined at that moment, so that the symbol would be modern and noticeable and at the same time – not overloaded with elements.


ChatGPT was taken as a reference for the dashboard functionality with some changes towards the company’s main activity – the crypto-world. Using it you can find out information about cryptocurrencies, stocks
and monitor any changes in the market.


The result is a fully thought-out website UX-wise, as well as being clean and bright, while at the same time discreet and professional UI-wise. The logo resembles the shapes and general mood of the website. The dashboard has very clear functionality that will be convenient for anyone to use. As an interaction we have also added animation for several elements on the home page.
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